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In 1990, Amandeep Group was established by Dr. Amandeep Kaur & Dr. Avtar Singh as Amandeep Hospital a 5 bedded specialty center for Orthopedics & Trauma management. What started as an institution to serve the needy today is responsible for the genesis of an era in the new age facilities with cutting age technology with robust infrastructure like laser treatment for Varicose Veins, Hyperbaric Chamber for Oxygen therapy, Navigation Technology for Joint Replacement and more. Today, the Amandeep Group has expanded to include a chain of health care institutions, The Amandeep College of Nursing, & Amandeep Cricket Academy.

The 5 bedded center has evolved into a 200 bedded multi-specialty institution for healthcare. The underlying vision of all the staffs & doctors lies in putting the patients’ interest & well-being above everything else, which has led to this phenomenal rise of the Amandeep Group as an institution of repute. The group has made sure that the hospitals, training of the staffs, and the infrastructure is updated regularly to keep abreast with global technological developments in medical science and the global healthcare sector.



We, at Amandeep Hospital Strive to achieve our vision of adding years of healthy life to the people of India.

Our Vision

We, at Amandeep Hospital Strive to achieve our vision of adding years of healthy life to the people of India.We contribute positively to the welfare and well being of the community.

Our Mission

To improve health and reduce illness through patient centered quality healthcare that is accessible comprehensive, appropriate and cost effective in an environment of continuous learning.

The testimonials from our patients and the ever increasing in-flow of patients are a testament of the selfless devotion & standards of the doctors, staff, and the facilities at the hospital. Adding to the services the hospital renders to the society by providing affordable and quality healthcare, the group takes onus of imparting education and adding on to the resource pool of the medical staff fraternity with trained nurses from The Amandeep College of Nursing.

As a successful medical institution, the Amandeep Group understands the importance of sports and fitness for the general well-being of the youth. In this direction the group has established Amandeep Cricket Academy which is the only place in Amritsar to offer the facility for a day and night cricket ground. The academy also promotes engaging the youth in sports to help them focus on positive & healthy living while honing their budding raw talent.

Why Amandeep Hospital?

Amandeep Hospital is one of the best performing hospital in India. Team Amandeep takes utmost care for the safety of our patients and produce best results in the country. We have a 25 years track record of safe & clean practices. The Hospital spell genesis of an era in the latest treatment in the field of Orthopaedics & Plastic Surgeries.

The overwhelming flow of patients to the hospital has proved that the doctors and the staff have worked selflessly and have won the confidence of people. Our surgeons produce excellent record for the patients of Joint Replacement, Cosmetic surgery,Microvascular surgery,Neuro spine surgery,Head and neck surgery and Minimal access surgery.

Our Core Values:

  • Team Work
  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism

Our Joint Knee Replacement and Plastic Surgert services are internationally recognized:

Amandeep Hospital has a long and established reputation for innovation and developing state-of-the-art treatments. Our pioneering culture has led us to carry out many landmark procedures We have an outstanding reputation for innovation and leading-edge research

We retain an excellent record on infection prevention and control:

Highest standard of medical hygiene has made Amandeep Hospital preferred healthcare destination and hospital has been accredited with NABH Safe-I accreditation.

We are regarded as a top healthcare employer:

Patients choose to come to Amandeep Hospital because, as an international centre of excellence, we are able to attract the best, most highly-skilled staff and deliver the very best results for our patients.

Amandeep Hospital
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At RM Aesthetics Cosmetic surgery and laser Centre, we have been offering cosmetic, dermatological and surgical solutions to our patients. Each member of our medical team is a leader in his/her own field. Our work excellence can be judged by our academic achievements as well as the excellence of our clinical work. We,,the doctors here care about you and place your health and interests as our primary concern.

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