Miracles do happen, 100 plus years Bhikham Singh got new life after replantation of his fingers.

Bhikham Singh, (aged 100 years plus) S/o Mr. Ram Puri R/o Jammu region got a severe injury while working at home with chaff cutting machine (Toka Machine) wherein, his right hand thumb, index, index middle finger at finger at proximal phangeal levels & ring finger at distal phalanx were amputated. The patient’s family immediately contacted Amandeep Hospital over phone & took medical advice to bring the amputated part to Amandeep Hospital for further treatment. Family brought the patient in Amandeep Hospital, Amritsar on the next day early morning & re-plantation surgeries were performed on the very same day. All other fingers were replanted except middle finger as it was badly crushed. Bhikham Singh was discharged after 6 days. He is perfectly all right now & can perform all his routine works like eating food with his hands, performing all agricultural works, he can move the chaff machine (Toka Machine) also. Bhikham Singh is very happy after replantation. On contacting him, he said that after amputation, he was not having any ray of hope. But when brought to Amandeep Hospital, my limb was saved & a new life was given to me.
Dr. Ravi Mahajan, Chief Plastic Surgeon, Amandeep Hospital said that this was one of the rarest of the rare case. There were so many problems like age of the patient was a big hindrance factor and moreover; the difference between the injury time & when patient reached hospital was also quite high. There was huge blood loss due to delay in arrival.
Team of plastic surgeons at Amandeep Hospital worked hard to save the limb of the patient & it was not less than a miracle that we could save his most of the fingers except middle finger which was crushed very badly. Now the patient is perfectly all right & is able to perform his routine works without any problem.
We want to guide such patients that they should reach the hospital immediately after the accident without any delay so that their precious limbs can be saved.

13 years old Amandeep Kaur again able to stand on her legs after removing tumor from back-bone

Amritsar: North India’s premier trauma, bone, joint replacement, plastic surgery & neuro surgery centre, Amandeep Hospitals & Clinics is famous for treating those critical cases, which no other hospital of the region is bale to treat. Thus it is giving new life to the patients well as saving the families also from getting ruined. Latest example in this series is Amandeep Kaur (13 Years), daughter of Natha Singh, resident of Gumanpura, Distt. Amritsar, who is a student of class 8th. She suffered from normal fever on the very next day of Dipawali festival. She was taken to local doctors for treatment but within next 2-3 days, her lower limb stopped working. Family approached even PGI, Chandigarh for the treatment but no one could diagnose her properly. Then she was brought to Amandeep Hospital, Amritsar for treatment where Dr. AA Mehra, Chief Neuro Surgeon, Amandeep Group deeply investigated the child & diagnosed that there is tumor in the backbone of the child & its roots were expanded to chest of the patient. It was mandatory to remove the tumor immediately as it was not only affecting lower limb but other body parts also.  Successful surgery was performed by Dr. AA Mehra & now she is able to walk again on her legs.  Her father said that they were not able to see the deteriorating condition of their daughter. She is still in her adolescent & whole life is still there. The whole family was very much upset with the deteriorating condition of their child. They tried here & there & at last, they visited Amandeep Hospital. Here Dr. Mehra successfully diagnosed & treated their daughter. The girl who forgot to laugh from last few months is now blooming like a flower. While talking to media persons in this regard, Dr. Mehra said that this was a very complicated surgery & anything was expected during the operation. First of all it was mandatory to diagnose the disease properly which no other hospital was able to do. When we diagnosed, we found that there is a big tumor in the backbone of the girl & its roots were extended to the chest of the patient. Surgery was very complicated but with the grace of almighty everything went on smoothly & now the girl is absolutely fine & within few days she will be able to run on her feet.

Dr. Mehra said, “Proper treatment is only possible when the disease is diagnosed properly & timely. People run after quacks & waste not only their money & time but after that when they run to a good hospital, in most of the cases, the disease is at its end stage. People should immediately consult any good hospital for treatment.”

Septoplasty and Endoscopic Sinus Surgery


Patient had complaint of nasal obstruction, post nasal discharge and headache since 2 years. Septoplasty and endoscopic sinus surgery was done. Left maxillary sinus was filled with polypodal mass.sample was sent for histopathological examination. Histopathology report was suggestive of fungal (mucormycosis) mass.

Patient was started with injection amphotericin b (lipososmal) and at regular intervals nasal endoscopy and debridement was done. After 25 days sample was taken from nasal cavity and sent for histopathological examination.no fungal hyphae was seen in the sample. Patient was discharged next day. Since then patient is on regular follow ups.

Rhinocerebral mucormycosis is a rare opportunistic infection of the sinuses, nasal passages, oral cavity, and brain caused by saprophytic fungi. The infection can rapidly result in death. Rhinocerebral mucormycosis commonly affects individuals with diabetes and those in immunocompromised states. Rhinocerebral mucormycosis carries a prognosis of high morbidity and mortality. Survival depends on the reversibility of underlying risk factors and early surgical intervention.


Rhinocerebral mucormycosis progresses rapidly and can result in carotid artery occlusion, cavernous sinus thrombosis, and cns infarction secondary to fungal thrombosis, leading to hemiparesis, hemiplegia, coma, and death. Other complications of rhinocerebral mucormycosis include cns hemorrhage, abscess, and cerebritis, as well as blindness and airway obstruction from head and neck infections.


No survivors of mucormycosis were reported before 1955 (amphotericin became available in the 1950s). Mucormycosis has a fulminantly fatal clinical pattern. The survival rates among patients with invasive sinus disease without cerebral involvement may be as high as 50-80%. If infection spreads to the brain, the case fatality rate can exceed 80%. Death may occur within 2 weeks if mucormycosis is not treated or is unsuccessfully treated.

The prognosis of mucormycosis may improve with rapid diagnosis; early management, including combined antifungal and surgical interventions; and reversal of underlying risk factors. One case series reported a survival rate of approximately 80% when both medical and surgical interventions were administered. The cause of death in many patients is mucormycosis itself rather than the progression of the underlying disease.

Case of the month - Plastic Surgery
(Limb saved is Life saved)

Team Amandeep Hospitals & Clinics is doing wonders by replanting the amputated limbs of patients. Amandeep Hospital & Clinics is known for its trauma services in the region. Whenever one meets an accident in the North Region, only one name which comes into the mind for getting treatment of the person sustaining injuries is AMANDEEP HOSPITALS & CLINICS. There is a reason behind this faith of the people. Team of Amandeep Hospitals & Clinics has performed those complicated surgeries, which other major hospitals of the region clearly refused. Amandeep Hospitals & Clinics is having fully dedicated Teams in all the specialties, which is having surgeons of International exposure.  Team of Surgeons at Amandeep Hospitals & Clinics tries all possible procedures to save the limbs of its patients thus saving the precious lives of people.

Harmanpreet Singh (Aged 13 years) S/o Avtar Singh, resident of Ramdass Town of Amritsar Distt. in Punjab met an agricultural accident as a disc harrow rolled over his left foot resulting in amputation of his left foot from middle. Family members of Harmanpreet immediately contacted Amandeep Hospital. They were guided to preserve the amputated foot part safely & correctly so that it is not damaged. He was rushed to Amandeep Hospital, Amritsar for treatment with safely preserved amputated foot part. During the intermediate period of accident & reaching hospital, there was severe blood loss. Patient was in serious condition. Plastic Surgeons of Amandeep Hospital under the leadership of Dr. Ravi Mahajan, Chief Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon, Amandeep Group, immediately took the patient to the Operation Theatre & major surgery was performed to save the limb of the patient. The amputated part was replanted & saved his limb.  Patient was discharged after recovering fully. Now he will be able to perform all his routine activities viz. walking, running, cycling etc. in a normal fashion.

Obese patients can also enjoy normal life after replacing joints- Dr. Avtar Singh

Now a days, people suffering from obesity often worries whether there is any treatment available for obese patients suffering from joint problems? Answer to this is yes, it is available. Obese patients suffering from joint pains, problems can be treated very well with the long experience of surgeon & ultra modern techniques & can be relieved from pain. After getting treated, they can live a normal life. Dr. Avtar Singh, Chief Orthopedic Surgeon, Amandeep Hospital, Amritsar has already performed more than 1 Lac surgeries of Hip, Knee & orthopedic which includes more than 1500 surgeries of such obese patients. Amandeep Hospital added a feather in its cap by launching navigation technique in North India at a time when most of the hospitals were even not able to think about the same. Amandeep Hospital always tries to bring the latest technology available world-wide to Amritsar for the people of this region. Dr. Avtar Singh is specialist in treating obese patients. Many obese patients visit him regularly for consultation & treatment. Balwinder Kaur (57 yrs) resident of Village Mallu-Nangal (Amritsar), who is also obese, got treated by Dr. Avtar Singh & now living a very satisfied life. She told the media “ Few years ago, I was suffering from severe knee pain & life was just like a hell to me. My weight was 120 Kgs. I was not able to perform my daily jobs also. Then I somehow met Dr. Avtar Singh of Amandeep Hospital, Amritsar, whom I believe is a second God for me. 2 years ago, I got my knees operated & my knees were replaced. Now, I am living normal life & doing my routine jobs very well.” There was severe pain in the knees of Balwinder Kaur. She consulted many surgeons in this regard but due to over-weight, no one was able to treat her. Then in 2015, she came to know about Amandeep Hospital. Dr. Avtar Singh operated her with navigation technique & replaced her joints. Dr. Avtar Singh informed the media that obese patients always fear about the success of their surgery. With vast experience of surgeon & latest computer techniques, obese patients can be treated successfully. After 2 years of surgery, Balwinder Kaur is living normal life. Now, she can do her all routine works properly. Dr. Avtar Singh continued that obese people do not need to worry anymore. They can be treated successfully with navigation technology. Now days, joints are improved & work like natural joints for approx. 30-35 years. While concluding, Dr. Avtar Singh informed that on the heavy demand of business & serving fraternity, Amandeep Hospital. Amritsar has started evening OPD on every Tuesday & Friday from 6.00 PM to 8.00 PM.

#AmandeepHospital is Providing Low Cost Treatment to Poor & Needy Orthopedic Patient- Jaswinder Kaur

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