Smile Train Story For Sagar

Giving New Life To Sagar With Smile Train

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Amandeep Hospital is no less than a blessing for many parents who were on the verge of losing their child’s bright future. With the tireless efforts of the health professionals and free of cost cleft lip and palate treatment in association with Smile Train, this hospital has been continuously improving lives for better.

The doctors here have given a new life to another child. Let us help you have a deep insight into the life story of the child and his parents.

Hemraj Kumar was a laborer by profession in village Mathar p/o Khundian, District Kangra in Himachal Pradesh.  He & his wife Dholi Devi used to remain anxious and depressed due to their son Sagar and his future, who had cleft lip and palate.

They were economically poor and had lost all hopes of their son getting a normal face and a normal living. As they lived in difficult hilly terrains where medical facilities are not available readily, they had to face major problems. One fine day when Hemraj was returning from his work, he saw a poster in the local market showing photographs of a cleft lip patient which depicted the comparison of the patient’s condition with before surgery and after surgery images.

The poster was about the Smile Train sponsored camp in their area. He decided to visit the camp with Sagar and there he was advised by the doctors to visit Smile Train accredited center, Amandeep Hospital in Amritsar where such cases are done routinely and all these procedures are done by a team of highly qualified and specialized doctors and that too free of cost through the NGO named Smile Train.

He came to Amandeep Hospital and here the expert team of surgeons examined Sagar.

Smile Train Story Sagar

After a complete examination, he was diagnosed with complete cleft lip & palate and was advised to undergo lip repair surgery. This surgery turned out to be a new life for Sagar and his parents. Hemraj could not recognize his son’s face as it looked as normal as that of other children.

Smile Train Story Sagar

Both the parents were delighted as now they could bring up their child like other children in the society. They were overwhelmed to return back to their place and start a new journey of life.

Such is the power of our treatments and we strive to save more lives.

If your child is facing the same then contact us immediately for effective treatment.

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