Dietary Services

The dietetics department is an integral part of Amandeep Hospital, Amritsar and aims at providing the good quality of nutrition care and education to in patients and out patients.


  • Daily visit by dietician
  • Nutritional assessment of all patient at time of admission and daily assessment there after
  • Diet planning of meals according to therapeutic needs
  • Patient and family education Patient Care


The Department of Dietetics provides normal (63%), modified (17%) and therapeutic (20%) diets to general and private ward patients. A careful dietary history of each admitted patients is taken, this blood parameters are reviewed to assess his/her nutritional status and diet is provided as per the recommendations of the treating doctor. Extensive ward rounds are undertaken for this purpose and later to check the compliance with the prescribed diet and /or to carry out any modifications as per requirements of the patients. Dietician conducts ward rounds daily for supervision and intervention wherever required.

All the Indoor patients on therapeutic diets/feeds are given diet charts bearing detailed dietary instructions to be followed at home at the time of discharge. Follow up of these patients is done at the O.P.D diet clinic.


  • Daily OPD (12.00 pm to 4.30 pm)
  • Regular Diet Lectures and Camps


The O.P.D patients referred from various OPDs viz., Medicine, Surgery ,Plastic Surgery, Neurosurgery and Orthopaedics etc. are given counselling in the Diet clinic. Special Diet counselling is given for Obese patients.


The dieticians provide diet counselling to diabetic patients. Each patient is given individualized diet chart as per his disease condition, blood parameters, previous diet history, cultural and socio-economic background. Lectures on diabetes are delivered.

Patient Education is an important part in diet therapy. Individualised diet planning and written diet plan is given to patients on discharge. Education material such as diet charts, brochures, presentation are used to educate patients and their families about their therapeutic needs.


Diet is compulsory for all warded patients The meals are prepared and served as per the daily instructions given by the dietician who maintains a strict check on the quality of food and the services provided. A weekly cyclic menu is followed to provide variety in diet. About 5 services per day are provided based on the kind of diet required. Complimentary dietary services are provided to smile train ward patients.

The diets are prepared at hospital kitchens. Internal nutrition is provided for the critically ill patients who cannot be fed orally. All therapeutic feeds for such patients are provided in labeled individual leak proof food grade disposable tumblers. Distribution of food is checked on regular basis.


Food is natures best medicine!
The food you eat can help you naturally treat and cure life threatening diseases and improve your health.

  • Eat to lead a healthy life.
  • In a calorie-compromised diet, compromise on quantity but judiciously supplement your diet, so that quality is not compromised.
  • Do not encourage juice in a reducing diet, they are calorie dense and low in fibre.Consume whole fruit instead.
  • Consume a variety of refined oils e.g. sunflower, safflower, groundnut, mustard, soybean and sesame seed oil. REMEMBER not to use them in any amount. USE them in RESCTRICTED amount as prescribed by your Dietitian.
  • low fat diet doesn’t mean a bland, non-spicy, boiled food diet. A low fat diet can also be made interesting by using whole spices, condiments, herbs and bouquet garni. The diet should have lots of variety in terms of color, flavor and overall appearance.
  • Eat fresh vegetables and fruits; avoid tinned, canned and preserved foods.
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Our Team

Dietitian Sonali dhiman

  • Junior Dietitian.


  • clinical nutrition and dietetics
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